• Do I need a bridal trial and when is best to book this in?

A trial is strongly recommended beforehand however not compulsory.  This is the perfect opportunity for us to meet each other in person & get to know one another, after all I may be the person you spend your wedding morning with!

We will discuss your requirements and preferences and then put them into practice trying out various hair and makeup styles until we find the look you are a hundred percent happy with. Feel free to have pictures on hand of styles you like, this helps a lot to get an idea of what style you are looking for.


I understand that when the date has been set the first thing that enters a lady's mind is hair and makeup! It's a huge and important part of the big day for any lady. So normally being organised and searching in advance can mean that you dont have your bridal outfit and jewellery when booking your trial. This can make a huge difference to the look obviously. I recommend that you have something on hand to wear of a similar colour than that which you will be wearing on the day and a jewellery set if possible, it will help you at least get a little idea of how you will look. The majority of brides then choose to book in for a second trial a bit closer to the date when their outfit and jewellery has arrived, this is when we get to see the real wow factor.


If you are wanting to book and confirm your date asap without risk of losing the date, a deposit can be put down to secure your booking. You can then relax knowing its another thing ticked off your wedding list. Then a bit closer to the date once you have found that special outfit and complementary jewellery set you can book in for your trial.


  • How do I secure my booking and when is the full payment required?

If you would like to secure your booking I will need to take a deposit. Once all of the details of the booking have been given I will forward you a deposit request form with all of the relevant details to make an online transfer. For those that do not do online banking you can of course put the required amount into the bank. It is important that you put a reference next to the transfer of your name and booking date so I can check it off against your booking. Once received I will send you confirmation.

The remainder can be paid in cash on the day before I carry out the service or be transferred online at least 48 hours before the booking time, again using the same reference of your name and booking date.


  • Should I wash my hair on the day?

Preferably wash your hair the day before if possible in order to let the hair settle and be thoroughly dry.   However, I understand that everybody's hair is different & you no doubt know your own hair better than anybody so if you really feel that you need to wash it on the day please make sure it is completely dry before I arrive as moisture in the hair will affect hair styling & cut in to the time allowance.

  • Is there anything I need to do before you arrive?

If possible please have your outfit either out for me to see along with jewellery so that I can get a feel for the style you are going for, or have the top already on if its tight to get over the head. 


Please remove any makeup beforehand and if you are a contact wearer please have these in already also unless you prefer to put them in later knowing you wont affect the eye makeup I have applied. If you wish to show me how you normally wear your makeup you can always show me a picture for reference.

  • Do you come to me or do I come to you for my booking?

I will travel to you so you are in the comfort of your own home with everything around you rather than having to find time to travel out or panicking that you may have forgotten something. Travel charges may apply if out of a 10 mile radius of my home.

Bridal trials will also be carried out in the comfort of your own home unless you live quite a distance away. We can then make other arrangements.

  • Do you offer discounts?

I believe in being fair to all clients so I keep my prices fixed as I dont believe it is fair for one person to pay more than another.  

However I do offer bridal packages which are displayed under Services/ Bridal Packages. 

This does not mean that there may not be times where I am running special prices to all so Join my Instagram or Facebook on the tabs below to keep up to date with any offers.

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