Master the art of enhancing your own facial features with these personal one to one makeup lessons.

The long awaited personal lessons are finally ready to launch in 2019.  After years of promising my clients, I have finally found time to put together a variety of different lesson options to suit everybody.

Nowadays with so many video tutorials on youtube and instagram it can all be a bit confusing, especially when your facial features are nothing like the person in the video.  


So I will teach you simple and speedy techniques from my 20+ years of experience as a qualified makeup artist to enhance the face you have been blessed with.  You will gain a greater understanding of what eye makeup style complements and flatters your eye shape along with what skin products are most suitable for your skin type and texture.  

Here are an example of lesson options though we can completely tailor the session to your needs and requirements:


                                                         'ENHANCE' - Your everyday makeup

-Time saving techniques that enhance your features helping you to face the world each morning with added confidence.


                                            'FROM DUSK TIL DAWN' - From day to night transformation

- After work drinks perhaps? Or a wedding party that you have to rush off to straight after a busy day in the office?

Learn hints and tips to vamp up your look from day to night for those last minute occasions that pop up or when you do not have time on your side.

                                                     'GLITZ and GLAMOUR' - Party makeup

-Party makeup for all occasions whether that be as a wedding guest or a night on the town. Full impact makeup working with glitters, metallics or smouldering matts, colour or nudes, the choice is yours. 


                                                           'VINTAGE VIBES' - Classy retro makeup

-All about matt shadows and perfecting that topliner and lash with a colourful or vampy lip.

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