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Your Personal Makeup Masterclass

Master the art of enhancing your own features with this 2hr one to one makeup lesson with Kerry. 

Are you tired of spending hours in front of the mirror and still not achieving your desired makeup look? Let me help you! With my personalised one-to-one makeup lessons, I'll teach you everything you need to know about makeup application, from basic to advanced techniques. Whether you're looking to enhance your natural beauty or want to try something new, I will tailor the lesson to your needs and preferences. Book your session with me today and take your makeup skills to the next level!


Makeup Tools




During these one to one lessons Kerry will guide you through products, tools and techniques to help you overcome your struggles when styling your own hair or applying your own makeup.

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and skill level and will leave you feeling confident and ready to create any look you desire.


Book your personalised lesson today or get in touch for more details.

Your Personal Hair Styling


Learn how to style your own hair in this 2hr one to one hair styling lesson. 

Looking to up your hair styling game? These one-to-one hair styling lessons are perfect for those looking to improve their skills and learn new techniques.  Whether you want to master curling techniques, create an easy updo or even create a sturdy updo to withstand a chunni/ scarf setting, Kerry will work with you to leave you feeling more confident when working with your own hair.  Book your lesson today and take your hair styling skills to the next level!




1 to 1



Kerry will soon be offering 1 to 1 training days  to other industry professionals.

If you are already a trained Makeup Artist or Hair Stylist wanting to pick up some new tips and techniques from an experienced artist, this is for you. 

These sessions are completely tailored to your needs, so whether you want to learn  a popular bridal makeup look , master your hair styling or talk the ins and outs of running a business, we will work together to achieve your goals.

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